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Joke #:  9703
(Category:  Religious Jokes)

There were two men in a bar talking and the first man began to tell the second man a story:

"One day St. Peter sent an angel to Earth to make a list of all the people that were doing hanky-panky. The angel soon found that this was a monumental task, so he asked St. Peter for some assistance. However, none could be given due to the labor shortage. So, a compromise was reached in that the angel would a list of those persons not engaging in hanky-panky. This was a much shorter list. Upon returning with the list, the angel was bid of St Peter to send a letter of commendation to all those on the list that had not participated in hanky-panky."

At this point the first man turned to the second and asked,"And do you know what the letter said?" "No, what did the letter say?" "Ah, so you didn't get one either!"

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