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This man is walking along a beach one day and finds an old lamp washed up on the shore. He takes it home and places it on the mantle, but doesn't give much thought. A few weeks later he looks at it and decides, "What the heck, let's rub it and see what happens."

Sure enough, a genie appears and immediately says, "Thank you, Master, for freeing me from the lamp. In appreciation I offer you 3 wishes!"

The man thinks for a while and says, "I really don't know what to wish for."

The genie replies, "Wish for lots of money, that's what most people want in life."

The man replies, "No, I have enough money. I don't need more."

The genie says, "How about travel? I can take you to the far corners of the world in an instant."

The man replies, "No, I've been to many places and I like it here."

The genie says, "How about your sex life? How often do you have sex?"

"Oh, about two times a week", the man replies.

"I can make your sex life much more active than that!", says the genie.

"Gee", says the man, "I thought twice a week was pretty good for a priest in a town this small".

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