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(Category:  Religious Jokes)

Then there was this preacher's wife and her husband's favorite dish was country ham. One day he said,"Woman go down to the store and get me some country ham for dinner."

She got up, got in the car, and drove to the store to get him his ham. When she got there she went to the back where the meat was. she said, "I'll have some country ham please."

The butcher looked at her and said "Sorry ma'am we are all out of country ham, but we do have damn ham."

Her eyes got big and she slaped him in the face. "Don't you curse at me boy", she said.

"No, ma'am. that's the name of the ham."

"I'm sorry", she said, and embarassed over her mistake, she bought the ham.

That evning she made the ham for dinner. Her husband the preacher took one bite and said "This is not my country ham woman!"

"I know it's damn ham", she said.

Well that made the preacher very mad, but before he blew up at her she explained that the ham was called damn ham.

He understood, and the settled down. "Pass the damn ham", she said. "Pass the damn ham", he said.

Now their son was in the next room and he heard his parents cursing. He walked in the room slick and cool, sat down and said, "Pass the damn ham and the f**king potatoes"

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