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A preacher just bought a brand new Cadillac and was ready to drive it on home after a long day of deciding which car to buy and signing all the papers. But wanting to really enjoy the car he decided to take the long way home through the hill country. As he was driving enjoying the stereo and the smooth ride he topped a hill and noticed a drunk driver in an old truck coming towards him swerving all over the road. It would go from his lane and then back into his own lane. The preacher had to think fast, he could stay in his own lane and pray that the drunk doesn't hit him or he could just pull his car off the road as the drunk didn't seem to be going off the road, just back and forth in the lanes. So without anymore thinking he turned his wheels to fast to get off the road. Doing this he lost control hitting some loose gravel. The car spun round and round off the road and hit a large oak tree, totaling his brand new Cadillac. The drunk seen what happened and pulled off the road and stopped to help. As the preacher climbed out of the car the drunk stopped walking towards the preachers car as he was surprised to see that this man was able to do this. After the preacher was out, brushing himself off he looked up at the drunk and asked, "Are you ok son?" The drunk replied, "Of course I'm alright, I'm the one that should be asking you if your alright?" The preacher told him, "Well of course son, I'm fine. After all I have the Lord riding with me!" The drunk stepped back scratching his head looking around for another person and said, "Well you better let him ride with me, cause the way your driving your going to kill him!"

(Submitted by Matthew Thompson)

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