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Joke #:  10192
(Category:  Religious Jokes)

The vicar was walking along the street when he saw a little girl playing with her little doggy. He went to speak to her.

"Hello little girl", he said, "do you know who I am?"

"Yes", she said, "You're the vicar and you work for God".

"That's right", said the vicar, "and what's you're name?"

The little girl said "My name is Willow".

The vicar thought this was a most unusual name and asked if she knew how she came to have such a name.

The little girl explained "Mummy said I was conceived under a willow tree, and when she and daddy opened the bible to give thanks, they found a willow leaf between the pages so they took it as a sign".

"What a lovely story", said the vicar. "And what about your doggy?" "What's his name?"

"Porky", said the little girl.

"Oh!", exclaimed the vicar. "Why's that?"

"Because he screws pigs..."

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