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Joke #:  1034
(Category:  Professional Jokes)

Law Firms and their Specialities

Torts (plaintiffs) Poor, Weiner, Lauder & Lauder
Torts (defendants) Billings, Daly & Dunnings
Tax law Dewey, Cheate & Howe
Appellate briefs Doolittle & Waite
Shareholder suits Harris, Pester & Noyes
Discrimination Black, Brown, Olde & Gaye
Criminal defense Meany, deGenera, Ripov & Zonovovich
Divorce Took, Haff & Moore
Corporate litigation Paper, Schroedinger & Losinger
Intellectual property Brain, Storm & Quarrels
Environmental Aulk, Richards, Bigg & Small
Bankruptcy Stone, Broque & Stiffel-Lott

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