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A kid from a high school wrestling team was about to wrestle the state champ. Now the state champ had a secret move called the "Hungarian Pretzel", from which no one had escaped.

Just prior to the match, the kid's coach gave him only one piece of advice, "No matter what, don't let him get you into the Hungarian Pretzel."

Well ten seconds into the match, the state champ had our kid in the Hungarian Pretzel. Our kid's coach, unable to watch the humiliation, turned around in disgust.

Suddenly the crowd exploded with cheering. By the time the coach turned around, his kid had won. The coach ran out and congratulated his kid, and then asked "How did you win?"

The kid said, "Actually, it was quite easy. He got me into the Hungarian Pretzel, I looked up and saw the biggest pair of testicles I had ever seen. I stretched out and bit them.... It's amazing how much energy you get when you bite your own nuts."

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