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(Category:  Ethnic Jokes)

Ted and John wanted to get away from the countryside and see the world. One day Ted said to his brother "You know, we could do really well setting up our bungee-jumping service in Mexico".

John thought this was a great idea, so the two pooled their money and bought all the equipment they needed.

They traveled to Mexico and began to set up a tower near the center of the town for good publicity. As they began building the tower, a crowd assembled nearby. Slowly more and more people gathered to watch them work.

They were excited at having such a big audience that Ted decided to jump and show his prospective clients all about bungee jumping.

He bounced at the end of the cord. When he came back up, John noticed that he had a few cuts and scratches. As he flew by, John asked if the cord was too long. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to catch him. So Ted fell again, bounced and came back up.

This time Ted was seriously bruised and bleeding. Again, John just missed catching him and asked if the cord was too long.

Ted fell a third time. This time, when he bounced back, he was a complete mess with a couple of broken bones and was almost unconscious.

Luckily, John finally caught his brother and said "What happened? Was the cord too long?"

Ted said, "No, the cord was fine, but what in the world is a piñata?

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