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(Category:  Dirty Jokes)

A woman's garden was growing beautifully but the darn tomatoes wouldn't ripen. There's a limit to the number of uses for green tomatoes and she had tried them all.

So she went to her neighbor and asked, "Your tomatoes are ripe, mine are green. What can I do about it?"

Her neighbor replied, "Well, it may sound absurd but here's what to do. Tonight there's no moon. After dark go out into your garden and take all your clothes off. Tomatoes can see in the dark and they'll be embarrassed and blush. In the morning they'll all be red, you'll see."

It sounded strange, but she was very tired of green tomatoes, so she gave it a try.

The next day her neighbor asked how it had worked.

"So-so," she answered. "The tomatoes are still green but the cucumbers are all four inches longer."

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