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(Category:  Dirty Jokes)

Two gay guys are walking along the beach one day when they discover a lamp washed up on shore. One remarks, "Pick it up and rub it, maybe a genie will appear.".

So, the other guy picks it up and rubs it and sure enough, a genie appears before them. "Wow, can we have 3 wishes?", one of them exclaimed. The genie frowns and says, "I have been in this lamp for 400 years and I am not happy. I will grant you one and only one wish." The two gay guys talk it over and finally they ask, "We can not agree on a wish right now, can we wait and ask for our wish later?". The genie agrees and goes back into the lamp.

Two weeks later our gay companions are sitting in the living room watching a late night movie and they hear a lot of commotion outside. They look outside and there in their front yard are 20 Klu Klux Klan members holding torches, burning a cross and stringing up a rope in a tree. One of the guys says, "Oh my god! We've got to do something! Quick, get the lamp and let's make our wish to get us out of this!" The other guy says, "It's too late. I already made a wish." "You did? You never talked to me about it! What did you wish for?," the other guy asked.

"I wished that we were both hung like black guys."

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