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Joke #:  5451
(Category:  Dirty Jokes)

A man dies and unfortunately draws the short straw and is sent to hell. Fearing the worse he approaches the entry gate where he is met by a laughing, joking devil. The man asks why is he so happy to be in such a bad place.

"Oh we have fun down here, today is Monday and it's booze night. We get all the best drink sent in and we all get blind drunk."

The man is impressed and is starting to like what he sees.

"And Tuesday", says the devil, "is sex night. We bring in women and men and have a sex orgy all night"

"Wednesday is drugs night, you name it we have it, we get as high as a kite"

"By the way", says the devil, " are you gay?"

"No" says the man

"Then you are going to hate Thursdays"

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